WordPress site with customised back end

This is the official web site for the studio complex Zavod33.com
At the back end I've made custom type Rooms, with some additional fields like photo gallery and status.
I used for that Advanced Custom Fields Plugin Pro from the repository. Zavod33.com is a multilingual (bulgarian and english). I used qTranslate-X and Po-edit for that purpose.

GoogleBot Tracker

WordPress plugin (back end)

GoogleBot Tracker is Back End WordPress plugin witch main goal it to write a log of all activities of the Google crawlers.
It could trace the path of a particular bot and also to filter the records for a period of time.
The other function of the GoogleBot Tracker is to record all the actions of the administrator, so it can be made the connections between these actions and the reactions of the search engines.

TBI Credit

WordPress plugin

TBI Credit is a WordPress plugin that extends WooCommerce's payment methods.
It calculates the loan and send e-mails to the customer and site admin. Also to the shop owner and TBI Bank (if they are set in the WooCommerce's Settings section, CheckOut tab)
I developed the first version of it when working at www-you.com

It is implemented in zigifly.com and there you could see the front end part of it.


WordPress plugin (back and front end)

Notify-r sends email notifications to the clients of a service company when their plans are about to expire and offers different ways for paying the chosen service.

The Traider can adjust the settings like the number on the remind messages, the text of the messages, the periods and payment methods. It has implemented the TBI Credit plugin.
The Traider can also register the offered services (like hosting or web site maintenance), put prices for different periods, review the services and orders.
The Customers can, after they get the remind messages, pay for the chosen service and pick the payment method including TBI Credit.

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Learning To Give

WordPress web site

I developed it when working at www-you.com and this is the most complex site I've made.


Web site build with Codeigniter

This is a news web site that I maintain and developed partly. It has been created originaly by others.
It needs preprogramming for sure and it will get it one day in the future...


A dynamic web application in MVC pattern

Here is collected the info, production and links of the R'n'R band SILUET.
A dynamic Gallery, uploaded from the admin panel. The news and songs are listed in the News and Music sections respectively as a result of SQL calls. Displays lyrics through AJAX calls and plays audio in the footer (via SoundCloud) and video (via YouTube)...

Rock Band Activities

A dynamic web application in MVC pattern

It apears to be the admin site for siluetrock.com
It has user's and admin's parts on its own, where the administrator can manage the users and their uploaded files
The user's part include 4 modules :

  • News input module (managing the list of news displayed on siluetrock.com),
  • Financial module (simple accounting system)
  • Gallery module (managing galleries and pictures)
  • File exchange module.


WordPress web site

Events & Concerts

WordPress web site