We will produce your website

Design and build of micro and macro projects from idea to fully working website (corporate, art, private, artistic, event etc.) or online shop




Basic Pack – website

  • Dynamic, fast, secure and 100% mobile web site with responsive design
  • Ready to use or custom design templates and elements
  • Optimised to optimum speed of load
    (at the moment of delivery) of theme, content, database, plugins, hosting,
    max level of security, basic anti-spam protection
  • User friendly admin panel with simple menu
  • Tidy, structured and organized programing code
  • Shearing of good practices
  • Track project development progress in real time
  • Style and load the basic pages and categories
  • Two language versions
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Ready for use in time
  • Key to customer preferences and attention to the detail
  • Help with the domain, hosting and technical support
  • Video lessons how to manage your site

EUR 500 – 800

Online store on platform
WordPress + WooComerce

  • Category page of products
  • Detailed page of a product
  • Filters and search
  • Online payment module integration
  • Element design and adapt
  • Courier module integration

Additional services

  • Add more language versions
  • Load content
  • Custom elements and functionalities
  • Filters and Search
  • SEO-optimisation
  • Sales marketing and optimization modules integration
  • Online payment module integration
  • Delivery module integration
  • Migrate from old sites or databases.
  • Third parties services if needed
    (advertise, PR, translations etc…)
  • Technical support (hour/month subscription)

Priority service

Our essential purpose is to find the best individual solution using the advanced technologies of the day.
At the same time we aim our projects to be adaptable and scalable, user friendly, light and stylish.

Here are some of our latest works:

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